Listing of local events online in the Bruce Peninsula Press.

Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula Landfill Information

Our municipal web site lists local by-laws and email contacts for staff and council.

Other Local Community Groups

Northern Bruce Coalition of Property Owners' Associations

This is a collective of 13 local associations representing various areas of the Bruce.

St. Edmunds Property Owners

St. Edmunds Property Owners Inc. originated in 1975. Since inception, "SEPO" has represented the concerns of many property owners in the former Township of St. Edmunds. In recent years, following amalgamation with other local municipalities, some property owners in this part of the peninsula feel that they no longer have an effective voice in the municipality.

Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations

FOCA logo The Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations - FOCA - is a well-respected, non-profit voluntary organization that represents and informs cottagers.

This is accomplished by assisting local member associations, and by representing the interests of waterfront property owners. FOCA promotes sustainable waterfront communities by encouraging positive environmental stewardship, supporting strong community leadership, and through promoting fair and equitable public policy.

The Miller Lake Community Group is a member of FOCA. If you are a member of the MLCG, you can join FOCA independently and receive their informative email newsletter. You can also get discounts on insurance and other products.

The FOCA web site offers dozens of down-loadable brochures and links that are relevant to cottagers and boat-owners. Topics cover the gamut from shoreline management to estate planning to water quality to fish mercury-levels. Click here for more information.