Members Photo Gallery


Snowy day - Tom Tumilty

August evening - Randy Gulliver

Fall colours 2008 - Randy Gulliver

A break from raking! - Randy Gulliver

Paper wasps decided to take over an existing bird house. Normally, they build their nest with the entrance on the bottom. In this case, their 'architect' decided to use the existing bird house entrance, and then proceeded to 'paper' the rest of the house. Most unique.
- Jim Waddell

Photo: Christi Portelance 2010

Photo: Christi Portelance 2009

Deck at 6 A.M. - Photo: Christi Portelance 2009

Jefferson Salamander
This little guy - a Jefferson Salamander - was nearly run over by the lawn-mower! Watch for them on your property. - Photo: Charles Drew 2010

Have you got some old, new, scenic, fun, flowers, crazy, wildlife, etc. photographs taken while at Miller Lake that you would like to share with your Miller Lake friends and everyone else in the world who visits this web site? Then bring them or send us electronic copies, in JPEG format, and we will have them published here, giving you credit for the photograph.

You can email your electronic photographs to Randy Gulliver as an attachment to your email. Don't forget to tell me who you are and some interesting facts about the photographs.