Miller Lake Community Group
E-Coli 2018 Water Quality Report

'Results' indicate parts per 100mL. Health Canada's guideline for issuing a swimming advisory is over 200 e-coli/100mL.

Testing of 22 sites in 2018. It was funded by the Miller Lake Community Group; analysis by ALS Labs of Waterloo.

There were no dangerously high e-coli levels. The guideline for swimming advisory is 200, and no samples exceeded 7. This is lower than last year.

Disclaimer: These samples indicate one point in time and do not guarantee safety, since water-fowl can contaminate water at any time.

We continue to monitor to be aware of septic or run-off problems.

Match the sample number to the location from the first line. For example, "25 - E. of Public Access" is "SS25" on the map.