Miller Lake Community Group
E-Coli 2015 Water Quality Report

'Results' indicate parts per 100mL. Health Canada's guideline for issuing a swimming advisory is over 200 e-coli/100mL.

Testing of 12 sites in each of 2014 and 2015. Funded by Miller Lake Community Group, analysis by ALS Labs.

We didn't test exactly the same sites in 2015 as 2014. We sought to test areas not tested in 2014, while continuing to test the swimming beaches at the campgrounds.

There were no dangerously high e-coli levels. The guideline for swimming is 200, and no samples exceeded 6. Each of the three campground swimming beaches were 1 or less.

Disclaimer: these samples at one point in time do not guarantee safety, since wildlife and wildfowl can contaminate water at any time.

The plan for 2016 is to sample e-coli at twice as many sites, thanks to a $500 donation from Summer House Park last year. We intend to do this on the August long weekend.

We continue to monitor to be aware of septic or run-off problems.