Group Projects

In October 2008, the MLCG held its first "Adopt-a-Road" day!

This initiative, organized by Maggie Vaivods, involved group volunteers combing three roads for trash - Tammy's Cove Road, Barnett's Drive, and Barney's Blvd. In conjunction with the Municipality, MLCG has purchased and erected "Adopt-a-Road" signs for each route.

The aim is to remove small items of litter, such as plastic bags, cans, bottles, hub-caps, etc., from the roadside to help keep the Bruce as pristine as possible. Items are then either recylced or placed in the garbage bins located on each road.

The plan is to stage two clean-up days per year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. For future clean-ups, the Municipality will provide garbage bags, gloves, and safety vests for volunteers.

For something as simple as a public cleaning day, the organizing of it was a complicated process. It required searching out by-law legislation from other municipalities, convincing the local council of its benefits, sourcing and pricing the signs, and finding volunteers for the event. Maggie is to be commended for her persistence and dedication in bringing this program to fruition.

If you would like to volunteer for the next clean-up, you can contact Maggie Vaivods or Barb Chester. Your involvement in the "Adopt-a-Road" program shows the local community that our group is pro-active in caring for our shared environment.

So, please come join us!