Miller Lake Community Group
AGM - 2017

July 8, 2017

Chair------------------- Anna Pellizzari
Acting Secretary--------- Maggie Vaivods
Treasurer-------------- Randy Gulliver (not present)
Secretary ------------- Keith McKee (not present)
Water Steward------- Dave Dolson
Past Chair ----------- Bob Beccarrea
Members at Large - Paul Mundy, Mark Thompson (not present)

Meeting held at Northern Bruce municipal offices on county road 5.

Opening Remarks:

After welcoming those who were in attendance, Anna turned the meeting over to Water Steward, Dave Dolson, who reported on the results of the latest water testing of our lake.

This test focused on E.coli levels, which had exceptionally low readings. Samples were taken very close to shore where swimmers are most likely to be. He did also remind us that E.coli levels can temporarily change if a flock of geese or other birds move into your area. It is reassuring to know that the water has good quality which is directly the result of cottagers maintaining septic systems and limiting the use of phosphates in and on their properties. Another test will be done in late summer this year. The water report will be available on our Miller Lake Community website.

PRESENTATION: Hanna Cann from the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

Since all the water on the Bruce runs toward Lake Huron, our activity in the Miller Lake area contributes positively or negatively to the waters of the larger lake. Initiatives on Lake Huron are also applicable to our efforts to keep Miller Lake healthy and clear.
The following are projects underway at present:

Among the fascinating pieces of information supplied by Hanna were the following:

Hanna was questioned about erosion on the shore of Miller Lake. As a Scientist, she pointed out the importance of allowing naturalization along at least some of each waterfront owner's shoreline.
Water plant roots will hold soil in place and the leaves provide shade and a positive environment for frogs and fish. On the other hand, fill will introduce unwanted species while hard materials such as added rock or concrete warms the water killing species and actually creates erosion behind the rock. There kind of hard barriers to erosion can also have a negative impact on your neighbour's shoreline.


Milt give us lots of up to date information on the issues that are new and of most interest to local residents. Because detailed information about these issues are available on the municipal website, this is just a very basic note on all that he covered.

- 40% stays here
- 39% goes to the county
- 21% goes to schools

Financial Statement

Maggie Vaivods tabled our financial statement on behalf of treasurer Randy Gulliver. Copies were available at the meeting. Highlights as follows:

Last Year's opening balance --- $ 2,129
Income(Dues and donations)-- $ 1,350
Deposit returned from hall rental -- $226
Expenses -----------------------
Bank fees ---- $96
2016 AGM expenses --- $207
'Catch & Release' signs --- $576
Water-testing --- $773
FOCA dues--$320
Book balance - June 10/2017 --- $1,733.71

The current executive will continue for the following year.

At noon, the meeting ended and we enjoyed social time together outside where Dave Dolson did a great job flipping burgers at the bbq.