Miller Lake Community Group
AGM - 2008

July 2008

Paul Mundy welcomed all members present to the 2008 meeting and called the meeting to order. He introduced the executive present and introduced Janice Cruickshank, secretary for the day.
The minutes of the 2007 meeting were approved as written. Moved by Marnie Down and seconded by Gerry Fischer. Motion was carried.

Business Arising
Paul explained that he had written a letter to the municipality and received updates re. the outcomes as the municipality responded to each concern. The issue of Speed limits on Barneys Blvd. was one issue. It was noted by a member that since all other roads around the community were now posted at 50 KPH then Barneys Blvd. should also be posted with the same speed limit. The abandoned trailer on Miller Lake Shore Rd. has been moved and no longer posses a danger to the public. The municipality does not feel a bear proof dumpster is warranted for Barneys Blvd. / Miller Lake Rd. Please call the municipality if you see bears or humans using the dumpsters inappropriately.

Treasurers Report
Barry outlined the expenditures for the last year. Moved to accept the minutes as written by Barry Walker and seconded by Paul Mundy. Motion was carried.
Highlights of the report;
2007 membership - 76 2008 membership to date – 63 We will be paying FOCA their dues shortly Barry would like to move the account from the current TD Canada Trust account to the First Ontario Credit Union. Moved by Barry and seconded by Tom Tumulty. Carried.

Secretaries Report
Norm Paraschuk was not available to give his report. Correspondence was carried out in cooperation with other members of the executive. Results are in the publishing of the minutes and the reports of the other executive.

Mayors Report
Mayor Milton McIver was unable to attend. Paul explained that he had neglected to call Milt and remind him of the upcoming meeting.

Community Initiatives
Randy Gulliver reported on behalf of Maggie Vaivods re. Adopt-a-Highway program. She proposes a two day program, one in the Spring and one in the Fall to pick up trash that she will organize. She intends to ask the municipality to erect a sign identifying our efforts. Barb Chester and Randy Gulliver volunteered to represent the Tammy's Cove area and Paul Mundy volunteered to represent the Barneys Blvd. section.
Moved by Barry Walker and seconded by Randy. That the association support the Adopt-a-Road program, solicit the townships support, set dates and move foreward with the initiative. Carried.
Paul asked for someone to volunteer to start cooking the burgers and hotdogs at 11:00. Randy Gulliver volunteered.

Guest Speaker
Dan Gierusak spoke on the Night Sky and the stars available to viewing with the naked eye and/or using a regular set of binoculars. He showed slides of some of the views available.

New Business
Stewart Andrew, Public Lands Officer, discussed concerns re. lake levels. He indicated that there have been questions about the lake levels and gave a small history of “unauthorized” regulation of the lake and therefore the high water mark is not a natural one. We must allow that the lake level will fluctuate. He has visited and observed the existing beaver baffler and indicated it is not working properly at this time. He has had applications to extend land or dredge lake bottoms. He would rather not get involved with regulating the dam levels. Dredging will upset fish habitat and suggested other alternatives such as building longer docks.

Attempts to protect the shore with rocks, etc. are not appropriate. Straight flat (hard) shorelines are not fish friendly. Re. adjusting the beaver baffler, under fish and wildlife regulations it is against the law tamper with a beaver dam. Any change requires public consultation.

Paul indicated his recollection was there was a community agreement re. the current lake level as established by the recently installed dam about 20 years ago.

A comment was made re. the recurring algae bloom and the observed health of the lake. Where the baffler is it is ok right now.

Questions were raised about enforcement. Stewart indicated the federal fisheries act and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act apply in the current issue. A sign could be installed to notify intruders. It could be useful to write a letter or submit an article to the Peninsula Press.

Discussion included observations of beaver trapping and rock removal in the Tammy's Cove area. E-Coli has risen in wells on Tammy's Cove Rd.

Under the Public Lands Act putting in fill is different. It is hard to say where the high water mark is or was. There is such a thing as “ambulatory title” where fluctuating water levels make it difficult to establish an exact level line. Levels are monitored over 100 years. The uncertainty of the high water mark is the problem.

Janice Cruickshank asked the members to indicate to Stewart their response for or against adding fill to properties or dredging the lake. By a show of hands all members objected to filling; most objected to dredging. Members not raising hands in agreement to no dredging acknowledged the difficulty faced by those needing access during low water years. . We support the current levels at the dam and beaver baffler. Stewart thanked us for our response.

It is proposed that a subcommittee will research and address the Beaver Baffler and its condition and maintenance.

Paul spoke briefly about the long-standing lake water sampling and testing. He has been refused cooperation by the Public Health office. The provincial labs question whether this testing is in sync with provincial policy. The Public Health officer indicated that labs are restricting water testing to supervised, public swimming areas and that the number of sites where they test is drastically reduced. If we wish to continue with water testing we will have to pay for the work. (The cost would be approx. $750.00 annually)

Executive Election
Jerry Bordeage nominated Barry Walker for president, seconded by Butch Grenon.
Barry Walker agreed to stay on as Treasurer and assume the Presidents role.
Barb Chester agreed to stay on as Vice President
Bruce Hunter nominated George Chester for Secretary, seconded by Butch Grenon. George agreed to assume that role.
Tom Tumulty volunteered to continue as the website manager and Randy Gulliver volunteered to join forces with Tom.

Paul Mundy will assume the role of Past President.
Paul has been acting as defacto Lake Steward and will continue until someone else wishes to assume this position.

Janice Cruickshank suggested that Maggie Vavoids as project leader for Adopt-a-Road be asked to join the executive. Paul Mundy agreed to do this.

The new executive as listed was congratulated.

President/Treasure - Barry Walker
Vice President - Barb Chester
Secretary - George Chester
Past President - Paul Mundy
Executive at large - Maggie Vavoids (to be confirmed)

Barry Walker came to the front with a gift and thanked Paul Mundy for his service to the Community Group Executive for the past 12 years.

The next annual meeting will be on July 25, 2009.

Adjournment was proposed by Butch Grenon, seconded by Karen Reinhart. Carried.

The meeting adjourned to a burger and hot dog BBQ and potluck lunch where issues were continued. Cleanup and the last departure were done by 2:00 pm.