Miller Lake Community Group
AGM Minutes - 2002

Paul Mundy welcomed everyone to the 21st annual meeting and introduced the current executive board.

Past President - Basil Sutton
President - Paul Mundy
Vice-President - Butch Grenon
Secretary - Barry Walker
Treasurer - Carol Schultz
Water Monitor - Paul Mundy & Gerry Fischer
Lake Reps - George Bowman & Jim Schnarr - West End
- Basil Sutton - Tammy's Cove Rd.
Web Page - Tom Tumilty

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as circulated.. Motion was made by Tom Tumilty, seconded by Joan Bowman.

The treasurer's report was read by Carol Schultz. Income and expenses were highlighted with closing balances. Liability insurance costs were discussed.
A motion was made by Carol Schultz, seconded by Sharon Lombard to accept the treasurer's report as circulated.

Barry Walker reported on highlights of the executive board meeting and business arising out of discussions on bear-proofing dumpsters at Tammy's Cove Road and also a discussion on garbage at Barney's Blvd. Perhaps bear-proof dumpsters should be placed at No. 6 Highway and Miller Lake Road.

Paul Mundy reported on FOCA information and highlighted some interests.
Water report - Paul gave a detailed report on water quality. Paul and his daughter had done samplings and had detailed findings on coliform. More information can be obtained from Paul.

Mayor Milt McIver was in attendance to report on items of interest.
- There was a discussion on bear sightings.
- The new municipality consolidation was reported on with new zoning bylaws. Public meeting will be held early fall.
- A county tree cutting by-law is being addressed. Looking for information and industry support eg; 16" diameter rule and density rule on maple and white ash.
- Discussion on smoking by-law and long term health care facilities.
- Discussion on legion and age of majority.
- Hospital upgrade at Lion's Head. Estimate $870,000., with 50% ministry funding and 50% funded by the community. Tobermory upgrade $300,000 to 400,000 and fund-raising for heart monitoring $350,000. - 370,000. The provincial government is downloading costs with the majority going to municipalities.
- Water and sewer project at Lion's Head - $3.6 million received with over $6.2 million in costs expected. There is a 66% funding formula - still working things out with the ministry.
- Lion's Head and Tobermory harbor up-grade self-funded.
- There is an issue in Tobermory re: potable water being clarified.
- Another issue is municipality staff. They will be hiring a new clerk and a new public works manager to help in administration of Northern Bruce. Also, there will be an addition to the administration office on Lindsay Road 5.
- A question was raised on a potential new community recreation facility. It is still under study and review re: feasibility.
- The garbage issue was raised with the Mayor re: east side and west side of lake from Easter weekend to Thanksgiving weekend. Dumpsters on one side of the lake and road-side pick-up on the other.
- There was a question on the road side park on Tammy's Cove Road side of the lake re: a clean-up so it can be used by the public.
- There was a question on the lake water levels and the approximate spring to fall two foot drop in lake level. Question on the beavers' effect on this. It was noted the Ministry of Natural Resources controls water in lake and question as to what can be done re: the beaver dam to lessen the effects.

Basil Sutton had questioned the Mayor on Biosphere and escarpment conservation. He talked about the Dark Sky project and gave a report on same. Also Ferndale's lighting and curbs. The items came out of a Northern Bruce Peninsula meeting.

Tom Tumilty reported on website up and operating. Looking for area pictures or items of interest.
We had 150-200 hits in the past year. Anyone having further input into the site contact Tom.
"Note Correction" The web site address is:

Jim Waddell thanked and commended Paul and Basil for their work.
Provincial mining rights were discussed.
Senators report on personal watercraft issue was noted.
A two to three % hike in hydro rates was raised.
Speed limit on roads was noted and the issue was raised in populated and residential areas the speed limit should be 40 kmp. and in unpopulated areas 60 kmp. Cathy Crocket and Sharon Lombard spoke on the issue.
Basil Sutton raised the issue about Provincial Government funding formulas and as property owners in Lion's Head are protesting, suggested our association should support the protest.
The report on break-ins was given. Two or three break-ins noted last fall with household items being taken. We should watch each others' properties.

A report on natural shoreline workshop on how to promote and maintain the natural shoreline ties in with lake stewardship.
Fishing with nets - a complaint on netting fish. The item was discussed and reported on.

Butch Grenon co-ordinated the election. The new executive board is:
Paul Mundy, President
Gerry Fisher, Vice-President
Barry Walker, Secretary
Carol Schultz, Treasurer
Marney Down, Tom Tumilty, George Bowman, in by acclamation.

The secretary cast a single ballot as per law.

There was a motion to adjourn at 12:15 p.m.

NEXT GENERAL MEETING AND PICNIC - will be July 26th, 2003 at 10 a.m. with family picnic and BBQ to follow.
Respectfully submitted:
Barry Walker
Recording Secretary

The annual golf tournament will be co-ordinated by George McKay again this year. August 24th at 9 a.m., 40 person maximum on a first come basis. Fun golf, BBQ afterwards. Contact George for more information.